Tourtière is a French-Canadian meat pie that originated in the province of Quebec in Canada as early as 1600.

Tourtière is  pronounced "tour-tee-air."

I chose tourtière as the dish for this report because it is a traditional dish that my family eats every year on Christmas Eve.  The recipe comes from Quebec and was passed down through generations of French Canadiens. The recipe came to Minnesota when my Grandmother and Grandfather moved to Minnesota after World War I. I have the original recipe card of the dish that my grandmother gave to my mother.  Tourtière reminds me of times together with my family - my mom and dad, my Aunt Maybelle and Uncle Bill, and my nine brothers and sisters.  It reminds me of the warmth of being surrounded by family and it reminds me of the excitement and anticipation of Christmas and Christmas presents. We always ate tourtière with ketchup and we still like it that way.